Ferry demo

"A vast array of roads surrounds Carcassonne. The ferries along these roads rean that paths can change, making the thieves' job that much more fruitful..."

The Ferries is an Mini Expansion that can be bought by itself or as part of Big Box 4. When bought separately the expansion also comes with a tile from the Crop Circles II.


The expansion includes eight new tiles, each depicting a large lake which 3-4 roads go into, ending in a jetty. When a lake tile is placed the active player take on of the ferries and places on the lake connecting two of the road ends to each other. When another road tile is place that connects to the lake the then active player an alter which road ends the ferry connects.


The ferry pieces themselves are white, wooden bars (1.6cm long) that nicely connect the roads on the lake. They are kept at the side of the playing area until required to be used on a tile. Meeples cannot be placed of the actual ferry but can claim the road ends.